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USS Intrepid (CV/CVA/CVS-11) 12
Boehm, Eric 4
Dzendzel, David 4
Gorski, Elizabeth C. 4
Williams, Jessica 4
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Levinsky-Raskin, Sheri 3
Levinsohn, Benjamin 3
Lyon, John 3
USS Wolverine (IX–64) 3
Blutner, Zach 2
Fair, John W. 2
Gaines, Richard K., Commander 2
USS Forrestal (CVA/CV/AVT-59) 2
Walfield , Colin 2
American Federation of Musicians 1
Anderson, Dorothy 1
Anderson, Elmer 1
Austin, Gerald 1
Bach, Sverre O. 1
Blackburn, Laurence H., Jr. 1
Blosser, George 1
Bogan, Gerald F. 1
Bolger, Joseph F., Captain 1
Cales, James "Snuffy" 1
Casey 1
Ciorciari, Liz 1
Clark, Joseph James "Jocko" 1
Coleman, Thad 1
Columbia University 1
Cory, Jennet 1
Dodge Trucks 1
Dugan, Thomas 1
Eicher, Bob 1
Erger, Kenneth 1
Esposito, Joseph 1
Feola, Gerald 1
Fipp, Bernard 1
Fish, John W. "Doc" 1
Gay, George H. 1
Goettel, Carly 1
Goldberg, Ilan 1
Harrison, Harry W. 1
Heald, Ben 1
Hendren, Jimm Larry 1
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IJN Musashi 1
Industrial Marking Equipment 1
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Johns-Manville Corporation. 1
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National War College (U.S.) 1
Naval Justice School (U.S.) 1
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Santa Clara University (Calif.) 1
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Smith, James 1
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St. John, Bernard J. 1
Stone, Raymond T. 1
Teeter, Gene 1
Thach, John Smith "Jimmy" 1
Travelers Insurance Company 1
USS Denebola (AF-56) 1
USS Franklin (CV-13) 1
USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CVB/CVA/CV-42) 1
USS Guadalcanal (LPH-7) 1
USS Halsey Powell (DD-686) 1
USS Hassayampa (AO-145) 1
USS Hornet (CV/CVA/CVS-12) 1
USS Independence (CVA/CV-62) 1
USS Oriskany (CV/CVA-34) 1
USS Ringgold (DD-500) 1
USS Sable (IX-81) 1
United States Lines Company 1
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 1
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Bernard Fipp Oral History

Identifier: OHP 056
Scope and Contents - Bernard Fipp served aboard Intrepid as an attack aviator in VA-34, flying A-4 Skyhawks during Intrepid’s second deployment to Vietnam in 1967. Fipp began his interview by discussing his early life in San Diego, California. He then explained his decision to join the Coast Guard in 1963, after graduating from the University of Oregon in 1962. Fipp then stated that he finished his active duty in the Coast Guard, decided to join the Navy, and trained at Pensacola in 1965, under the AOC...

Bernard J. St. John Oral History

Identifier: OHP 027
Scope and Contents Bernard “Ben” St. John served aboard Intrepid as an Avenger torpedo bomber pilot in VT-18 during World War II, from late 1944 until July 1945. St. John began his interview by discussing his hometown, Adams, Massachusetts, his years in high school, and some of his early jobs. He also recalled hearing about the war in Europe and later the attack on Pearl Harbor. St. John then discussed his decision to become a pilot, the different levels of pilot training, carrier quals, and his first landing on...

Gerald Feola Oral History

Identifier: OHP 002
Scope and Contents Gerald Feola served aboard Intrepid as an aviation structural mechanic third class with VAW 33 during the ship’s second Vietnam War deployment, from May to December 1967. He began his interview by mentioning his two uncles and one cousin who served in World War II, and his Catholic Church’s sea cadets program, which provided him with somewhat of an exposure to the Navy. Feola then described his decision to join the Navy, being assigned to a squadron, seeing Intrepid for the first time, and...

James Smith Oral History

Identifier: OHP 012
Scope and Contents James Smith served aboard Intrepid during World War II, from 1943 to 1946, and was a seaman first class stationed as a first loader on a 40mm gun. Smith began his interview by providing a brief background of his life before he joined the Navy. He then discussed his decision join the Navy, how he felt after the Pearl Harbor attack, being assigned to gunnery, and his job as a first loader. After focusing on his initial Navy experiences, Smith described the first time he saw Intrepid, as well as...

Jere Austin Plans of the Day

Identifier: A2016.16
Scope and Contents Jere Austin He served on board Intrepid during World War II as an Ensign/ Fire Marshall in the R2 Division Office.

Schedule; Two Air Department Plans of the Day and one general Plan of the Day for October 22–24, 1945. All plans are signed by A.A. Giesser, Commander, USN, Air Officer. October 22 and 23 are on one side only, and October 24 is on both sides of the sheet.

Jimm Larry Hendren Oral History

Identifier: OHP 023
Scope and Contents Jimm Larry Hendren served aboard Intrepid as the ship’s legal officer during the 1966 WESTPAC cruise to Vietnam. Hendren began his interview by discussing his family’s history and describing his education, from high school through Naval Justice School. He then continued, stating that his first orders were as Assistant Legal Officer at Commander Fleet Air Norfolk, where a fortuitous meeting with Captain Giuseppe Macri and Captain John Fair resulted in Hendren becoming Intrepid’s legal officer....

Joseph D. Murphy Sr. Oral History

Identifier: OHP 001
Scope and Contents Joseph D. Murphy served aboard Intrepid as a gunnery officer and deck officer during World War II, from 1943 to 1946. Murphy began his interview by discussing his family and the community where he was raised. He then described hearing the news of the attack on Pearl Harbor, joining the Navy Reserve, and receiving his commission as an ensign from Columbia midshipmen school. Murphy then continued, describing the first time he saw Intrepid and Intrepid’s commissioning ceremony. At this time, and...

Kenneth Erger Oral History

Identifier: OHP 193
Scope and Contents Kenneth Erger served aboard Intrepid as a fire controlman third class during World War II, from 1944 to 1946. He began his interview by discussing his childhood in Iowa and describing life growing up on a farm. Erger then explained his decision to join the Navy and described boot camp before stating that he went aboard Intrepid while the ship was in San Francisco. He noted the ship’s shakedown after being repaired from a torpedo strike and also recounted the arrival of the air group and the...

Raymond T. Stone Oral History

Identifier: OHP 007
Scope and Contents Raymond T. Stone served aboard Intrepid as a radarman second class during World War II, from 1943 to 1945. Stone began his interview by recalling the moment he heard of the attack on Pearl Harbor. He then discussed his decision to join the Navy, basic training, how he became a radarman, and his first time seeing Intrepid. Stone continued by describing his work in Intrepid’s combat information center (CIC). He covered topics such as the layout of CIC, the communication of information, the daily...

Roy Latall Oral History

Identifier: OHP 011
Scope and Contents Roy Latall served aboard Intrepid as an aviation machinist’s mate second class in the arresting gear crew during World War II, from 1943 to 1945. Latall began his interview by describing his journey to Intrepid in April 1943, explaining how he had travelled from Millington, Tennessee, to the Philadelphia Navy Yard, where he was introduced to arresting gear, the equipment he would be operating aboard Intrepid. Latall noted that he had never heard of arresting gear and then explained the carrier...