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Cold War, October 1945–March 15, 1974 6
Landing -- Aircraft Landings -- Carrier Landings 6
Aircraft -- Skyhawk 5
Egypt (nation) -- Suez (governorate) -- Suez Canal (canal) 4
Intrepid -- flight deck 4
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Intrepid -- second deck -- ready room 4
Vietnam War, 1966–68 4
Aircraft -- Mentor -- T-34 3
Education -- Training -- Flight Training 3
Families (Human) -- Family Members 3
Guided Missiles -- Surface To Air Missiles 3
Philippines (nation) -- Olongapo (special city) -- Olongapo (inhabited place) -- U.S. Naval Base Subic Bay (naval base) 3
Second Vietnam Deployment, May – December, 1967 3
Tonkin, Gulf of (gulf) -- Yankee Station (military installation) 3
Warfare -- Aerial Warfare -- Air Strikes 3
Accidents -- Aviation Accidents 2
Aircraft -- Cougar -- F9F 2
Aircraft -- Skyraider 2
Aircraft -- Tiger -- F-11 2
Atmospheric Sciences -- Meteorology -- Meteorological Phenomena -- Storms -- Typhoons 2
Attack on Truk, February 16–17, 1944 -- Torpedo Strike, February 17, 1944 2
CVW-10 -- VA-34 2
Delivery -- Weapon Delivery -- Bombing 2
Delivery -- Weapon Delivery -- Bombing -- Night Bombing 2
Families (Human) -- Family Members -- Wives 2
First Vietnam Deployment, April – November 1966 2
Gunnery -- Antiaircraft Gunnery 2
Intelligence -- Military Intelligence -- Naval Intelligence 2
Intrepid -- junior officer bunkroom 2
Italy (nation) -- Campania (region (administrative division)) -- Napoli (province) -- Naples (inhabited place) 2
Japan (nation) -- Okinawa (region (administrative region)) -- Okinawa (prefecture) -- Okinawa-shoto (island group) -- Okinawa-Jima (island) 2
Lieutenant Junior Grade, O-2 2
Mediterranean Cruise, 1961–62 2
Personnel -- Prisoners -- Prisoners Of War 2
Recreation -- Entertainment -- Performing Arts -- Music 2
Six Day War, June 5–10, 1967 2
United States (nation) -- Florida (state) -- Duval (county) -- Jacksonville (inhabited place) -- Naval Air Station Cecil Field (air base) 2
United States (nation) -- Florida (state) -- Escambia (county) -- Pensacola (inhabited place) -- Naval Air Station Pensacola (air base) 2
United States (nation) -- Illinois (state) -- Lake (county) -- Naval Station Great Lakes (naval base) 2
United States (nation) -- Mississippi (state) -- Lauderdale (county) -- Meridian (inhabited place) -- Naval Air Station Meridian (air base) 2
Viet Nam (nation) -- Hà Nội (municipality) -- Hà Nội (inhabited place) 2
World War II, December 1941–September 1945 2
Abandonment -- Bailout -- Ejection 1
Accidents -- Aviation Accidents -- Crash Landings 1
Accidents -- Boat And Ship Accidents 1
Acoustic Equipment -- Acoustic Detectors -- Sonobuoys 1
Air Group 6 -- VF-6 1
Air Traffic Control Systems 1
Aircraft -- Buckeye -- T-2 1
Aircraft -- Cougar 1
Aircraft -- Crusader -- F-8 1
Aircraft -- Hellcat 1
Aircraft -- Japanese -- Aichi -- D3A -- UF Val 1
Aircraft -- Japanese -- Mitsubishi -- A6M -- UF Zeke UF Zero 1
Aircraft -- Soviet Cold War -- Mikoyan-Gurevich 1
Aircraft -- Tracker -- S2F -- UF Stoof 1
Aircraft -- Trojan -- T-28 1
Arresting(Process) 1
Attack -- Kamikaze Attack 1
Attack -- Torpedo Attack 1
Attack on Truk, February 16–17, 1944 1
Barbados (nation) -- Barbados (island) 1
Battle of Kwajalein Atoll, January 31– February 3, 1944 1
Burial 1
Business Administration -- Finance -- Income -- Salaries 1
CVG-6 -- VA-66 1
CVW-10 -- VA-15 1
Casualties 1
Celebrations -- Holidays -- Christmas 1
Celebrations -- Holidays -- Thanksgiving 1
Ceremonies -- Crossing the Line 1
Chains -- Anchor Chains 1
Chemical Agents -- Defoliants -- Agent Orange 1
Chile (nation) -- Magallanes y de la Antártica Chilena (region (administrative division)) -- Wollaston, Islas (island group) -- Hornos, Isla (island) -- Hornos, Cabo de (cape) 1
Cleaning -- Laundry Operations 1
Commissioning, August 16, 1943 1
Communication And Radio Systems -- Telecommunications -- Television Systems -- Closed Circuit Television 1
Communications Technicians, CTs 1
Cryptology 1
Cuba (nation) -- Guantánamo (province) -- Guantánamo, Bahía de (bay) -- Naval Station Guantanamo Bay (naval base) 1
Damage -- Ammunition Damage 1
Damage Control 1
Damage Control -- Warning Systems -- Radar Warning Systems 1
Defense Planning -- Military Planning -- Naval Planning 1
Defense Systems -- Countermeasures -- Electronic Countermeasures 1
Defense Systems -- Countermeasures -- Electronic Countermeasures -- Radar Countermeasures 1
Delivery -- Weapon Delivery -- Bombing -- Low Altitude Bombing 1
Detection -- Submarine Detection 1
Discipline -- Captain's Mast 1
Education -- Training -- Adaptive Training 1
Education -- Training -- Military Training -- Naval Training -- Submarine Training 1
Education -- Training -- Military Training -- Naval Training -- Submarine Training -- Qualifying 1
Emergencies 1
Engineering Department -- B Division 1
Engineering Department -- R Division 1
Ensign, O-1 1
Fluids -- Vapors -- Water Vapor -- Steam 1
Food Dispensing -- Food Service -- Meals 1
France (nation) -- Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (region (administrative division)) -- Cannes (inhabited place) 1
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Alfred A. "Pete" Smith Oral History

Identifier: OHP 028
Scope and Contents Alfred “Pete” Smith served as the operations officer aboard Intrepid from 1970 to 1972. Smith began his interview by stating that he joined the Navy Reserves in 1947, at the age of 17. He then provided a brief outline of his early Navy career, from being an enlisted reservist, to joining a submarine division, and then entering the Naval Academy, graduating in 1953. Smith continued, recounting his assignments in the aviation community, from receiving his wings in November 1954, through...

Bernard Fipp Oral History

Identifier: OHP 056
Scope and Contents - Bernard Fipp served aboard Intrepid as an attack aviator in VA-34, flying A-4 Skyhawks during Intrepid’s second deployment to Vietnam in 1967. Fipp began his interview by discussing his early life in San Diego, California. He then explained his decision to join the Coast Guard in 1963, after graduating from the University of Oregon in 1962. Fipp then stated that he finished his active duty in the Coast Guard, decided to join the Navy, and trained at Pensacola in 1965, under the AOC...

Brian Walker Oral History

Identifier: OHP-071
Scope and Contents Brian Walker served aboard Intrepid as an attack aviator in VA-34 during Intrepid’s second Vietnam deployment in 1967. He began his interview by discussing his upbringing in Wisconsin and his interest in flight, which began at an early age. Walker then continued, explaining his decision to join the Navy and describing his experiences in flight training, which involved flying T-34s, T-28s, and F-9s. The interview then shifted to Walker’s time aboard Intrepid, where he flew A-4s, an aircraft that...

David E. Benedict Oral History

Identifier: OHP 034
Scope and Contents David Benedict served aboard Intrepid as a boiler tender in the number two boiler room, and as a yeoman in the engineering office, from October 1958 to July 1961. Benedict began his interview by providing an overview of his service aboard Intrepid, noting the years he was aboard and discussing his first job as a boiler tender in the number two boiler room and his second job as a yeoman in the engineering office. Benedict then spoke about recreation aboard ship and visiting different...

James W. Day Oral History

Identifier: OHP 130
Scope and Contents James Day served aboard Growler as a hospital corpsman from 1961 to 1963. He began his interview by discussing why he joined the Navy and providing a brief overview of his service. Day noted boot camp, hospital corps school in San Diego at the Balboa Naval Hospital, operating room technician school at Bethesda Maryland Naval Hospital, being stationed at Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune, and his time as an OR tech aboard the hospital ship Haven during the Korean War. Day also stated that he left the...

Jimm Larry Hendren Oral History

Identifier: OHP 023
Scope and Contents Jimm Larry Hendren served aboard Intrepid as the ship’s legal officer during the 1966 WESTPAC cruise to Vietnam. Hendren began his interview by discussing his family’s history and describing his education, from high school through Naval Justice School. He then continued, stating that his first orders were as Assistant Legal Officer at Commander Fleet Air Norfolk, where a fortuitous meeting with Captain Giuseppe Macri and Captain John Fair resulted in Hendren becoming Intrepid’s legal officer....

Pete Schoeffel Oral History

Identifier: OHP 146
Scope and Contents Pete Schoeffel served aboard Intrepid as an attack aviator, first with VA-66 from August 1961 to March 1962, and then with VA-15 from April 1966 to November 1966 and May 1967 to October 1967. Schoeffel began his interview by discussing his childhood in Washington, D.C., one location where his father served as a naval officer. He then discussed his graduation from the United States Naval Academy in 1954, and his experience serving aboard a destroyer minelayer early in his naval career, noting...

Sverre O. Bach Oral History

Identifier: OHP 018
Scope and Contents Sverre Bach served aboard Intrepid as an F6F pilot in VF-6 during World War II, in 1944. Bach began his interview by discussing his family history and stating that he followed in the footsteps of his two older brothers who were naval aviators. He then described the various stages of flight training, the aircraft he flew, and the lessons he learned. Bach then discussed his training in the F4F Wildcat and explained the differences between the American F4F and the Japanese “Zero.” He also...

William J. Murphy Oral History

Identifier: OHP 016
Scope and Contents William Murphy served aboard Intrepid as a musician third class and was a member of the Navy band (both the “square” and “swing” bands) during World War II, from 1943 to 1945. Murphy began his interview by stating that he remembered living in South Omaha, Nebraska, and then relocating to a small town near Chicago at the age of 4 or 5. Murphy explained that his mother and sister were musicians, and that he had experimented with music, playing all through high school, a theme that would reoccur...