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USS Intrepid (CV/CVA/CVS-11) 13
Williams, Jessica 11
Audio Transcription.Org 7
USS Growler (SSG-577) 7
Boehm, Eric 3
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Gorski, Elizabeth C. 3
Adulyadej, Bhumibol, (King of Thailand) 2
Crawford, Robert 2
Dzendzel, David 2
Ekelund, John J. 2
Feola, Gerald 2
Francis, Matt, Evoke Creative Group 2
Giannini, John, Spaghetti Farm Productions 2
Moran, Richard Allan 2
Murphy, James 2
Priest, Charles, Jr. 2
USS Grayback (SSG-574) 2
USS Wolverine (IX–64) 2
Abbot, J. Lloyd, Jr. 1
Angelopoulos, John C. 1
Bach, Sverre O. 1
Bacheller, Becky 1
Baker, Maurice 1
Beeghly, Richard 1
Benedict, David E. 1
Bishop, David E. 1
Blackburn, Laurence H., Jr. 1
Bosetti, Donald 1
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Burke, Daniel 1
Cales, James "Snuffy" 1
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Coleman, Thad 1
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Ecker, William 1
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Fair, John W. 1
Fairbanks, Morse and Company 1
Felt, Bruce 1
Fisher, Zachary 1
Gabler, Jack 1
Gay, George H. 1
Giap, Vo Nguyen 1
Goldberg, Ilan 1
Griffith, George A., Jr. 1
Gunderman, Thomas 1
Harmuth, Robert K. 1
Harrison, Harry W. 1
Hasse, Elmer 1
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Hendren, Jimm Larry 1
Hollister, James 1
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IJN Yamato 1
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National War College (U.S.) 1
Naval Justice School (U.S.) 1
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Spooner, George Herbert 1
Stebbins, Thomas 1
Thach, John Smith "Jimmy" 1
USS Admiralty Islands (CVE-99) 1
USS Andrew Jackson (SSBN-619) 1
USS Barbero (SS/SSA/SSG-317) 1
USS Bon Homme Richard (CV/CVA-31) 1
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David E. Benedict Oral History

Identifier: OHP 034
Scope and Contents David Benedict served aboard Intrepid as a boiler tender in the number two boiler room, and as a yeoman in the engineering office, from October 1958 to July 1961. Benedict began his interview by providing an overview of his service aboard Intrepid, noting the years he was aboard and discussing his first job as a boiler tender in the number two boiler room and his second job as a yeoman in the engineering office. Benedict then spoke about recreation aboard ship and visiting different...

George Griffith, Jr. Papers

Identifier: A2015.10
Overview The papers concern George Griffith Jr. and his death in an operational flight accident. On October 28, 1944, his aircraft experienced engine failure on takeoff, fell into the ocean and was run over by the ship. Destroyers searched for him, but nothing was found.

Gerald Feola Correspondence

Identifier: A2015.23
Scope and Contents Correspondence, March 15–December 1967- This correspondence was sent to Feoloa’s girlfriend Arlene Trentacoste. Much of it expresses his love for Arlene. Another frequent topic is the route and itinerary of Intrepid and its participation in the Vietnam War. Listed below are selected letters and some key subjects they cover.- March 15 -- Flight operations, negative feelings on “this place,” Tonkin Gulf ships, Navy abbreviations. - March 18, 1967 -- Storm. - March 21 --...

Gerald Feola Letter

Identifier: A2016.41
Scope and Contents This letter is from Gerald Feola to his then girlfriend Arlene Trentacosta. The letter begins with talking about events and issues brought up in a previous letter. It continues to detail and incident during his job on the flight deck as final inspector of aircrafts being launched. This new donation tells the story of his job on the flight deck as the final inspector of aircraft being launched. He explains to Arlene the guilt he is harboring for keeping a radar jamming aircraft from...

Jimm Larry Hendren Oral History

Identifier: OHP 023
Scope and Contents Jimm Larry Hendren served aboard Intrepid as the ship’s legal officer during the 1966 WESTPAC cruise to Vietnam. Hendren began his interview by discussing his family’s history and describing his education, from high school through Naval Justice School. He then continued, stating that his first orders were as Assistant Legal Officer at Commander Fleet Air Norfolk, where a fortuitous meeting with Captain Giuseppe Macri and Captain John Fair resulted in Hendren becoming Intrepid’s legal officer....