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Intrepid Then, Now, Forever: Volume 2, Number 6, October 1944

 Digital Collection
Identifier: 19441001.pdf


  • Other: October 1944

Staff Directory

  • Editor: Lt. (jg) Rosset
  • Associate Editor: Lt. (jg) Gunther
  • Features: Lt. DiMarzo; Ensign Bennett
  • Photography: Ensign Bartels
  • Contributors: Chaplain Herlihy; Lt. O’Connor; Ch. Pay Clk. Carver
  • Artists: F.H. Graves, S2c; P.E. Buzzard, band; W. Karczmarczic, R
  • Printers: T.A. McDonald Prtr. 1c; H.J. Devlin Prtr. 1c; R.A. Bolduc Prtr. 3c; S.L. Piscitello S1c
  • Advisor: Cdr. McLaughlin

Language of Materials