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USS Growler (SSG-577) 28
Williams, Jessica 28
Audio Transcription.Org 23
USS Intrepid (CV/CVA/CVS-11) 15
Dzendzel, David 10
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Francis, Matt, Evoke Creative Group 10
Henderson, Donald 9
Costantino, Matt 8
Gorski, Elizabeth C. 8
Owens, Robert L. 8
Harmuth, Robert K. 7
USS Grayback (SSG-574) 7
Boehm, Eric 6
Gunn, William 6
Murphy, James 6
USS Barbero (SS/SSA/SSG-317) 6
USS Tunny (SS/SSG/APSS/LPSS-282) 6
Ekelund, John J. 5
Giannini, John, Spaghetti Farm Productions 5
Heatwole, Duane F. 5
Horsman, Wallace 5
Priest, Charles, Jr. 5
USS Forrestal (CVA/CV/AVT-59) 5
USS Halibut (SSGN/SSN-587) 5
Adulyadej, Bhumibol, (King of Thailand) 4
Crawford, Robert 4
Fair, John W. 4
Fairbanks, Morse and Company 4
Sloan, Dennis Y. 4
Walker, Brian 4
Fipp, Bernard 3
Krebs, Mike 3
Leavitt, Horace, Jr. 3
Lister, William E. 3
Martin, Ed 3
Mehl, Wayne J. 3
Peterson, Douglas 3
Sloan, Nancy E. 3
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White, Cameron, Studio Benna 3
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Blackburn, Laurence H., Jr. 2
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Thach, John Smith "Jimmy" 2
USS Bonefish (SS-582) 2
USS Lexington (CV/CVA/CVS/CVT/AVT-16) 2
USS Oriskany (CV/CVA-34) 2
USS Saratoga (CVA/CV-60) 2
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Alfred A. "Pete" Smith Oral History

Identifier: OHP 028
Scope and Contents Alfred “Pete” Smith served as the operations officer aboard Intrepid from 1970 to 1972. Smith began his interview by stating that he joined the Navy Reserves in 1947, at the age of 17. He then provided a brief outline of his early Navy career, from being an enlisted reservist, to joining a submarine division, and then entering the Naval Academy, graduating in 1953. Smith continued, recounting his assignments in the aviation community, from receiving his wings in November 1954, through...

Allen Odette Oral History

Identifier: OHP 111
Scope and Contents Allen Odette served aboard Growler from August 1961 to December 1963, as a fire control technician (missile guidance systems) second class. Odette began his interview by speaking about his decision to join the Navy. He noted that he first went into the reserves in Illinois before joining the regular Navy after moving to California. He also discussed his experiences in boot camp as well as his decision to apply for the submarine service after receiving a tour of a submarine from a friend of a...

Bernard Fipp Oral History

Identifier: OHP 056
Scope and Contents - Bernard Fipp served aboard Intrepid as an attack aviator in VA-34, flying A-4 Skyhawks during Intrepid’s second deployment to Vietnam in 1967. Fipp began his interview by discussing his early life in San Diego, California. He then explained his decision to join the Coast Guard in 1963, after graduating from the University of Oregon in 1962. Fipp then stated that he finished his active duty in the Coast Guard, decided to join the Navy, and trained at Pensacola in 1965, under the AOC...

Brian Walker Oral History

Identifier: OHP-071
Scope and Contents Brian Walker begins by describing growing up in Wisconsin and being interested in flying at an early age. He decided to join the Navy while attending the University of Wisconsin at Stout. He continues by describing his experience in flight training including flying T-34s, T-28s, and the F-9. In early 1967, Walker got his orders to join VA-34 on board Intrepid where he would fly attack aircraft (A-4), which he describes as being like a sports car. Prior to Vietnam, Walker spent about two weeks...

Dennis Y. Sloan Oral History

Identifier: OHP 114
Scope and Contents Dennis Y. Sloan served aboard Growler from 1959 to 1960, as a commissary officer and a torpedo officer. He began his interview with a summary of his service, from his time in the Naval Academy to his time on Growler. Sloan then discussed his life before the Navy, noting that his father was in the Air Force and that his family spent the war years in Iowa before moving to Arlington, VA. The conversation then returned to the Naval Academy, and Sloan stated that after graduating from the Academy,...

Douglas Peterson Oral History

Identifier: OHP 082
Scope and Contents Douglas Peterson served aboard Intrepid as an attack aviator in VA-34, flying A-4 Skyhawks during Intrepid’s second deployment to Vietnam in 1967. Peterson began his interview by discussing his interest in airplanes and his desire to fly. He then continued, stating that he entered the Naval Academy in June of 1960, graduated in 1964, and immediately began flight training at Saufley Field in Pensacola, Florida, where he primarily flew T-34s. While discussing flight training, Peterson also spoke...