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USS Intrepid (CV/CVA/CVS-11) 18
USS Growler (SSG-577) 6
Audio Transcription.Org 4
Giannini, John, Spaghetti Farm Productions 3
Williams, Jessica 3
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Costantino, Matt 2
Fairbanks, Morse and Company 2
Harmuth, Robert K. 2
Heatwole, Duane F. 2
Henderson, Donald 2
Owens, Robert L. 2
USS Barbero (SS/SSA/SSG-317) 2
USS Grayback (SSG-574) 2
USS Halibut (SSGN/SSN-587) 2
USS Tunny (SS/SSG/APSS/LPSS-282) 2
White, Cameron, Studio Benna 2
Adulyadej, Bhumibol, (King of Thailand) 1
Bee, Donald 1
Bee, Eloise 1
Benson, Perry 1
Boedigheimer, Kenneth 1
Boehm, Eric 1
Bonifay, Tim 1
Bonifay, Wilburn F. 1
Bowman, Jerry 1
Bruno, Jeremy 1
Cobeil 1
Combs, Donald 1
Crawford, Robert 1
Dorkin, Nick 1
Dusenberry, Ken 1
Dusenberry, Marilyn 1
Ekelund, John J. 1
Fansler, Keith 1
Felt, Bruce 1
Feola, Gerald 1
Finch, Larry 1
Francis, Matt, Evoke Creative Group 1
Frito-Lay, Inc. 1
Goettel, Carly 1
Gorski, Elizabeth C. 1
Greiner, Deborah 1
Gunn, William 1
Havlick, Roberta 1
Howard, Dean 1
Jones, James 1
Jones, William M. 1
Kasler, James 1
Krebs, Mike 1
Leavitt, Horace, Jr. 1
Lister, William E. 1
Lugar, Fred 1
Markwell, Gary 1
Martin, Ed 1
McCain, John 1
McCollum, Lin "Mac" 1
McCoy, James 1
McDonald, Gerald 1
Mehl, Helen M. 1
Mehl, Wayne J. 1
Murphy, James 1
Nascimento, Herman F. 1
Nelson, Jerry 1
Nowland, Lance 1
Nunn, Norman H. 1
Peterson, Lane Warren 1
Playdon, Jr., George W. 1
Roof, Robert 1
Roof, Shirely 1
Salmonawitz, Robert J. 1
Schoeffel, Pete 1
Smith, Gilbert A., Sr. 1
Smith, Jacqueline 1
Standish McCulley, Sheila 1
Standish Naimy, Janice 1
Standish, John "Jack" 1
Stockman, Homer, Jr. 1
Stockman, Homer, Sr. 1
Streeter, Warren 1
Swagerty, James 1
Terrell, Jerry 1
Tezak, David 1
Toms, Keith 1
Tucker, Cary 1
Tuttle, Jerry 1
USS Blackfin (SS-322) 1
USS Bonefish (SS-582) 1
USS Hancock (CV/CVA-19) 1
USS Jason (AR-8) 1
USS Thresher (SSN-593) 1
USS Wisconsin (BB-64) 1
United States Naval Academy 1
Valentine, Gordon 1
VanPatten, Marie 1
Vince, James 1
Welker, Madeleine 1
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David Tezak Ketcher Collection

Identifier: A2015.53
Overview David Tezak served on Intrepid from 1960-63 in the 3A Bosun Division as a Gunnery Seaman. The two Ketchers are the holiday editions of Intrepid's onboard newspaper from 1961.

Don and Eloise Bee Papers

Identifier: A2015.25
Overview The Don and Eloise Bee Papers includes a series of love letters exchanged between the Don and Eloise, his then girlfriend and future wife, while Don was deployed on Intrepid from January 26, 1944–August 16, 1945, menus and programs from his time aboard, and a telephone directory from the ship from Apirl 1945.

Duane F. Heatwole Oral History

Identifier: OHP 057
Scope and Contents Duane F. Heatwole served aboard Growler as a commissaryman petty officer second class from 1960 to 1964. Heatwole began his interview by discussing Growler’s galley. He also described how he acquired different types of food, how this food was loaded into the boat, and how the food was stored. Heatwole then discussed some of the meals that he prepared for the crew, including filet mignon, lobster, and crab legs from Alaska. He then continued, describing a process called snorkeling, which...

Fred Lugar Papers

Identifier: A2017.02
Overview The Fred Lugar Papers consist of mostly postcards bought and sent while serving on Intrepid from April 1, 1967 to May 1, 1968. Two letters and five postcards are addressed to Mr. & Mrs. Bud Whittaker, Lugar's aunt and uncle. In them, he discusses topics such as Ports of Call, items he bought in port, visiting the Great Buddha and the zoo in Japan, strikes against North Vietnam, rank promotion, Intrepid in the Tonkin Gulf, visiting Hong Kong, and other family goings on. 14 other postcards...

Gerald Feola Correspondence

Identifier: A2015.23
Scope and Contents Correspondence, March 15–December 1967- This correspondence was sent to Feoloa’s girlfriend Arlene Trentacoste. Much of it expresses his love for Arlene. Another frequent topic is the route and itinerary of Intrepid and its participation in the Vietnam War. Listed below are selected letters and some key subjects they cover.- March 15 -- Flight operations, negative feelings on “this place,” Tonkin Gulf ships, Navy abbreviations. - March 18, 1967 -- Storm. - March 21 --...

Gerald McDonald Correspondence

Identifier: A2016.53
Scope and Contents The Gerald McDonald letters contain correspondence between McDonald and his cousin Patsy, her husband, Dick, and their daughter, Charlene. The letters discuss family life, McDonald's impending marriage to Clem, then fiancé, now wife, life aboard the Intrepid, various ports of call McDonald has visited and the often negative reception the crew has received, and what items family members want sent back from the various ports.

Gilbert A. Smith Holiday Card

Identifier: A2019.24
Scope and Contents Card, Holiday; Card with black and white photograph of Intrepid with "Greetings" printed underneath it in red ink. Inside the card has "Best wishes // for // Christmas // and the // New Year" printed in red ink. The back of the card has a handwritten note to Smith's Mom & Dad in blue ink.

Herman F. Nascimento Oral History

Identifier: OHP 058
Scope and Contents Herman Nascimento served aboard Growler from 1958 to 1961, as an engineman petty officer third class. Nascimento began his interview by providing a brief overview of his time in the Navy. He then explained his family history, discussed growing up in Hawaii, and recounted some of his memories of growing up in Hawaii during WWII. Nascimento next discussed his motivation for joining the Navy and volunteering for the submarine service. The interview then shifted toward submarine training with...

Homer Stockman Papers

Identifier: A2016.86
Overview Homer Stockman Sr. served on board Intrepid during World War II as a Seaman First Class (S1) in the V-6 Division. The Harry Stockman Sr. papers contain papers from his service, including a 1945 Cruise book, training booklets, various service paperwork, Intrepid magazines, list of events, menus, and other various Intrepid ephemera.

Jack Standish Papers

Identifier: A2017.22
Overview The John "Jack" Standish Papers contain both items from his service aboard Intrepid from 1959–61 and newspaper clippings about the Intrepid Museum in later years. In addition to newspaper clippings, materials in this collection include a Cruise Book from 1959, various navy and Intrepid identification cards, service records, ports of call booklets, reference guides and manuals, war ration booklets, and other Intrepid related ephemera that span Standish's time with Intrepid.