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Dzendzel, David


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Douglas Peterson Oral History

Identifier: OHP 082
Scope and Contents Douglas Peterson served aboard Intrepid as an attack aviator in VA-34, flying A-4 Skyhawks during Intrepid’s second deployment to Vietnam in 1967. Peterson began his interview by discussing his interest in airplanes and his desire to fly. He then continued, stating that he entered the Naval Academy in June of 1960, graduated in 1964, and immediately began flight training at Saufley Field in Pensacola, Florida, where he primarily flew T-34s. While discussing flight training, Peterson also...
Dates: September 22, 2015

Gerald Feola Oral History

Identifier: OHP 002
Scope and Contents Gerald Feola served aboard Intrepid as an aviation structural mechanic third class with VAW 33 during the ship’s second Vietnam War deployment, from May to December 1967. He began his interview by mentioning his two uncles and one cousin who served in World War II, and his Catholic Church’s sea cadets program, which provided him with somewhat of an exposure to the Navy. Feola then described his decision to join the Navy, being assigned to a squadron, seeing Intrepid for the first time, and...
Dates: May 28, 2013

Jack Gabler Oral History

Identifier: OHP 142
Scope and Contents Jack Gabler served aboard Growler as a sonarman third class from 1963 to 1964. He began his interview by stating that he had initially planned to become a veterinarian, however he explained how a turn of events and a chance meeting with a Navy recruiter resulted in him joining the Navy. Gabler then discussed boot camp, which he described as a “real eye awakening moment.” He also recounted his introduction to the submarine service, stating that submarines sailors came to speak with the...
Dates: August 23, 2017

James Smith Oral History

Identifier: OHP 012
Scope and Contents James Smith served aboard Intrepid during World War II, from 1943 to 1946, and was a seaman first class stationed as a first loader on a 40mm gun. Smith began his interview by providing a brief background of his life before he joined the Navy. He then discussed his decision join the Navy, how he felt after the Pearl Harbor attack, being assigned to gunnery, and his job as a first loader. After focusing on his initial Navy experiences, Smith described the first time he saw Intrepid, as well...
Dates: August 16, 2013

Joseph D. Murphy Sr. Oral History

Identifier: OHP 001
Scope and Contents Joseph D. Murphy served aboard Intrepid as a gunnery officer and deck officer during World War II, from 1943 to 1946. Murphy began his interview by discussing his family and the community where he was raised. He then described hearing the news of the attack on Pearl Harbor, joining the Navy Reserve, and receiving his commission as an ensign from Columbia midshipmen school. Murphy then continued, describing the first time he saw Intrepid and Intrepid’s commissioning ceremony. At this time,...
Dates: May 24, 2013

Laurence H. Blackburn, Jr. Oral History

Identifier: OHP 008
Scope and Contents Laurence Blackburn served as the senior medical officer aboard Intrepid during the ship’s first and second deployments to Vietnam, from 1965 to 1967. Blackburn began his interview by discussing his decision to become a doctor. He then recounted joining the Navy, meeting his wife while in medical school, and attending flight surgeon school. Blackburn then continued, relating his decision to serve aboard Intrepid rather than Randolph, and shortly thereafter learning that Intrepid was being...
Dates: July 12, 2013

Mike Krebs Oral History

Identifier: OHP 081
Scope and Contents Mike Krebs served aboard Intrepid as an attack aviator in VA-34, flying A-4 Skyhawks during Intrepid’s second deployment to Vietnam in 1967. He began his interview by explaining that he grew up in Kenosha, Wisconsin, studied electrical engineering at Marquette University, and joined the NROTC. Krebs then continued, stating that after graduation he received orders to attend fight school at Saufley Field in Pensacola, Florida. While discussing his flight training, Krebs noted that he also flew...
Dates: September 17, 2015

Peter Carle Oral History

Identifier: OHP 024
Scope and Contents Peter Carle served aboard Intrepid as a radarman second class from December 1969 to November 1971. Carle began his interview by discussing his decision to join the Navy. Carle then described the training he had received from electronics school and radar school. He also recalled his assignment to Glynco Naval Air Station in Georgia, where he spent his time at C.I.C. school. Carle also noted that the training and experiences he received in the Navy had prepared him for his future job working...
Dates: November 15, 2013

Raymond T. Stone Oral History

Identifier: OHP 007
Scope and Contents Raymond T. Stone served aboard Intrepid as a radarman second class during World War II, from 1943 to 1945. Stone began his interview by recalling the moment he heard of the attack on Pearl Harbor. He then discussed his decision to join the Navy, basic training, how he became a radarman, and his first time seeing Intrepid. Stone continued by describing his work in Intrepid’s combat information center (CIC). He covered topics such as the layout of CIC, the communication of information, the...
Dates: June 14, 2013

Additional filters:

Military Forces (United States) -- Navy 12
Cold War, October 1945–March 15, 1974 10
Landing -- Aircraft Landings -- Carrier Landings 5
Second Vietnam Deployment, May – December, 1967 5
Vietnam War, 1966–68 5
∨ more
Education -- Training -- Basic Training 4
Egypt (nation) -- Suez (governorate) -- Suez Canal (canal) 4
Intrepid -- flight deck 4
Intrepid -- third deck -- mess 4
Lieutenant Junior Grade, O-2 4
Rescues -- Sea Rescues 4
Six Day War, June 5–10, 1967 4
Tonkin, Gulf of (gulf) -- Yankee Station (military installation) 4
United States (nation) -- Hawaii (state) -- Honolulu (county) -- Oahu (island) -- Pearl Harbor Naval Reservation (defense installation) 4
Attack -- Kamikaze Attack 3
Attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941 3
Ceremonies -- Crossing the Line 3
Education -- Training -- Military Training -- Naval Training 3
Families (Human) -- Family Members 3
Gunnery -- Antiaircraft Gunnery 3
Humor -- Practical Jokes 3
Intrepid -- gallery deck -- combat information center (CIC) 3
Intrepid -- second deck -- wardroom 3
Leave 3
Operations Department -- OI Division 3
Radar -- Radar Equipment 3
World War II, December 1941–September 1945 3
“Intrepid Four” Protest, October 23, 1967 3
Aircraft -- Cougar 2
Aircraft -- Japanese -- Mitsubish -- G4M -- UF Betty 2
Aircraft -- North Vietnamese -- Mikoyan-Gurevich UF MiG 2
Aircraft -- Skyhawk 2
Attack on Truk, February 16–17, 1944 -- Torpedo Strike, February 17, 1944 2
Burial 2
CVW-10 -- VA-34 2
Damage -- Ammunition Damage 2
Delivery -- Weapon Delivery -- Bombing 2
Detection -- Submarine Detection 2
Education -- Training -- Flight Training 2
Education -- Training -- Military Training -- Naval Training -- Submarine Training 2
Egypt (nation) -- Aqaba, Gulf of (gulf) 2
First Vietnam Deployment, April – November 1966 2
Growler -- control room and attack center 2
Growler -- enlisted mess 2
Growler -- forward torpedo room 2
Growler -- sonar room 2
Guided Missiles -- Cruise Missiles -- Regulus 1 2
Guided Missiles -- Surface To Air Missiles 2
Gunnery Department -- 5th Division 2
Homefront 2
Intrepid -- crew berthing 2
Intrepid -- hangar deck 2
Intrepid -- hangar deck -- fantail 2
Intrepid -- island 2
John F. Kennedy Assassination, November 22, 1963 2
Morale 2
Navigation -- Radar Navigation 2
Panama Canal Collision, December 9, 1943 2
Performance Tests -- Psychological Tests 2
Petty Officer 1st Class, E-6 2
Petty Officer 2nd Class, E-5 2
Petty Officer 3rd Class, E-4 2
Philippines (nation) -- Olongapo (special city) -- Olongapo (inhabited place) -- U.S. Naval Base Subic Bay (naval base) 2
Pre-World War II, ?–November 1941 2
Radarman Petty Officer 2nd Class, RD2 2
Raids on Japanese Home Islands, March 1945 -- Kamikaze Near-Miss, March 18, 1945 2
Recreation 2
Recreation -- Entertainment -- Movies 2
Recreation -- Games 2
Seaman, E-3 2
Shakedown Cruise, October 1943 2
Sonar 2
Sonar Equipment 2
South China Sea (sea) -- Dixie Station (military instillation) 2
Standards -- Living Standards 2
Strategy -- Deterrence 2
Strikes against Luzon, October 29, 1944 -- Kamikaze Strike, October 29, 1944 2
Surrender of Japan, August 14, 1945 2
United States (nation) -- California (state) -- San Francisco (county) -- Hunters Point Naval Shipyard (shipyard) 2
United States (nation) -- Florida (state) -- Duval (county) -- Jacksonville (inhabited place) -- Naval Air Station Cecil Field (air base) 2
United States (nation) -- Florida (state) -- Escambia (county) -- Pensacola (inhabited place) -- Naval Auxiliary Air Station Saufley Field (air base) 2
United States (nation) -- Illinois (state) -- Lake (county) -- Naval Station Great Lakes (naval base) 2
United States (nation) -- Mississippi (state) -- Lauderdale (county) -- Meridian (inhabited place) -- Naval Air Station Meridian (air base) 2
United States (nation) -- Rhode Island (state) -- Newport (county) -- Rhode Island (island) -- Newport (inhabited place) -- Naval Station Newport (naval base) 2
United States (nation) -- Rhode Island (state) -- Washington (county) -- Quonset Point (cape) -- Naval Air Station Quonset Point (air base) 2
Viet Nam (nation) -- Hải Phòng (municipality) -- Hải Phòng (inhabited place) 2
Warfare -- Aerial Warfare -- Air Strikes 2
Abandonment -- Bailout -- Ejection 1
Accidents 1
Accidents -- Aviation Accidents 1
Aircraft -- Cessna 150 1
Aircraft -- Corsair II -- A-7 1
Aircraft -- Cougar -- AF-9J 1
Aircraft -- Cougar -- F9F 1
Aircraft -- Mentor -- T-34 1
Aircraft -- Skyraider -- AD-6 UF Spad 1
Aircraft -- Skyraider -- EA-1F 1
Aircraft -- Soviet Cold War -- Tupolev -- TU–95 bomber -- UF Bear 1
Aircraft -- Tiger -- F-11 1
Atmospheric Sciences -- Meteorology -- Meteorological Phenomena -- Storms -- Typhoons 1
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