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Robert Christie Ancient Order of the Suez Card

Identifier: A2016.63
Card, Membership; Ancient Order of the Suez membership card, with gold background and brown lettering that says: "Ancient Order of the Suez // By Permission of The Ancient Pharaohs the // USS Intrepid CVS-11 // Sailed Across the ISTHMUS OF SUEZ By Transiting The BIG DITCH // Its Lakes and Marshes This 1 Day of June 1967. // IT IS THEREFORE KNOWN to all Seafaring Men that // Robert J. Christie // having ventured across the Sinai Desert, and over Oceans of moving // Sand Dunes, is duly initiated and chosen to enter the GRAND ORDER // OF THE ANCIENT MARINERS OF THE DESERT. // By Order // Pharaoh Seti I // Prince of the Faithful // (C), 1957 Marine Pub. Box 6162, San Diego".


  • June 1, 1967



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