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  • March 15–December 1967 (Creation)


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    Correspondence, March 15–December 1967

    - This correspondence was sent to Feoloa’s girlfriend Arlene Trentacoste. Much of it expresses his love for Arlene. Another frequent topic is the route and itinerary of Intrepid and its participation in the Vietnam War. Listed below are selected letters and some key subjects they cover.

    - March 15 -- Flight operations, negative feelings on “this place,” Tonkin Gulf ships, Navy abbreviations. - March 18, 1967 -- Storm. - March 21 -- Refueling. - April 7 -- War games and promotion. - May 14 -- Ship’s band, Rock of Gibraltar, interactions with Russian ships, Fifth Avenue march in New York City, negative feelings about living on ship. - May 28 -- Suez Canal, interactions with Russian ships. - June 20 -- Bataan Death March, acquiring a movie camera for filming in the Philippines. - June 28 -- Negative impressions of culture of Olongapo, Philippines. - July 19 -- Losing a lot of aircraft. - July 30 -- Forrestal fire. - November 9 -- Feelings on losing a jet and pilot. - November 23 -- Intrepid Four. - December 2 -- A man jumping over board, the New Morality. - Christmas card, December

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    This is a digital collection. The letters have been scanned by the Museum and returned to Gerald Feola.

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    Collection of the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. Gift of Gerald Feola. A2015.23