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Mike Wade Oral History Edit


OHP 086


  • September 19, 2015 (Creation)


  • 21 Sheets (Part)

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    Mike Wade began his interview by discussing his life before entering the Navy. He grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, attended the University of Georgia and graduated with a degree in chemistry. He was recruited by the Navy after passing a test for Navy Flight training. He was originally a pilot, but later became an intelligence officer with VA-34. Wade went on to discuss radar and intelligence operations. He also spoke about his responsibilities as a rules of engagement officer aboard Intrepid. He then covered topics such as entertainment aboard the ship, the process of planning a mission, and operations during bad weather. After his service during the Vietnam War, he remained in the Navy reserves for another twenty-three years. He concluded by talking about how he keeps in touch with the guys he served with while on the Intrepid and goes to reunion gatherings to stay close to them.