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    Gerald Feola began his interview by mentioning his two uncles and one cousin who served in World War II, and his Catholic Church’s sea cadets program, which provided him with somewhat of an exposure to the Navy. Feola then described his decision to join the Navy, being assigned to a squadron, seeing Intrepid for the first time, and Intrepid’s trip to Vietnam, which involved transiting the Suez Canal as the Six Day War was about to begin. After describing Intrepid’s passage to Vietnam, Feola discussed his squadron’s mission, his job operating electronic countermeasures aboard an EA1F Skyraider, and his opportunity to sit in the navigator’s seat aboard the Skyraider, which gave him a new perspective on launching from and landing on a carrier. Feola then recounted Intrepid’s trip home, where he experienced a crossing the line ceremony and rough seas. He also discussed his return home, where he received a mixed reception, being welcomed back by family and friends, while simultaneously feeling unwelcome in other circumstances. Gerald Feola ended his interview by discussing his life after separating from the Navy, which included serving on the New York City Fire Department for 28 years. He also stated what Intrepid means to him and described his current role with the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum as a volunteer.