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John "Andy" Anderson Oral History Edit


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  • September 14, 2016 (Creation)


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    John “Andy” Anderson began his interview by stating that his father served aboard German submarines in World War I, which influenced his decision to join the Navy and serve aboard submarines. Anderson then briefly discussed his childhood before explaining why he joined the Navy. He then continued, describing his training, from boot camp in San Diego, to fire control school in Great Lakes and submarine school in New London, CT. During this discussion, Anderson noted specific aspects of his training, such as damage control training in the wet trainer. He also stated that his talent and interest in marksmanship was the reason he decided to become a fire control technician. After discussing his training, Anderson noted that he joined Growler as a torpedo fire controlman and described the duties that were related to this job, such as operating the Torpedo Data Computer and manning the firing panel when at battle stations. He also provided a detailed explanation of the procedures for firing a torpedo. As the interview continued, Anderson spoke about how the crew staved off boredom by reading, playing cribbage and pinochle, and playing pranks on one another. He also noted the time they stole the totem pole from the base in Adak, Alaska. Anderson then presented Growler’s battle flag and described the meanings of the various symbols on the flag. He also explained the qualification process, why qualification was important, and how a submariners’ dolphins were pinned. The interview ended with Anderson recounting a tense time when Growler was held down.