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    Richard Schacht began his interview by stating that he lived with severe asthma attacks throughout his childhood until his parents took him to a hospital in Biloxi, Mississippi where he was subsequently cured. He then stated that he received his B.S. in Business Administration from Northwestern University during the height of the Vietnam War, and explained his reasons for joining the Navy: his father had suggested the Navy, and he was interested in using his degree while serving. Prior to serving on Intrepid, Schacht entered O.C.S. (Officer Candidate School) in the fall of 1965, graduated in November, and then attended a four-week training course for C.I.C. (Combat Information Center) aboard Intrepid. Schacht then recounted many noteworthy events during his service aboard Intrepid, including the ship’s passage through the Suez Canal during the Six Day War, being followed by a Russian trawler (nicknamed “Skunk Yankee”), which Intrepid nearly hit, and witnessing Crossing the Line ceremonies. He also discussed the purpose of C.I.C., as well as the atmosphere and personnel inside of C.I.C. Schacht stated that after serving four years in the Navy he became involved with banking for several years. He worked as a bank manager, branch officer, and comptroller before beginning a career in computer programing, which lasted a number of years with several companies. He then moved on to data analysis positions for more than a decade with Alexander & Alexander, Alexis, and Aon before starting his own company. Schact ended his interview by discussing the important lessons he learned while serving in the Navy and his thoughts regarding Intrepid now serving as a museum.