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Richard Lee Meyers Oral History Edit


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  • July 2, 2014 (Creation)


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    Richard Meyers began his interview by explaining his decision to leave his construction job in Wyoming and join the Navy. He then discussed boot camp and volunteering for the submarine service. Meyers continued, recounting the first time he saw Growler. The submarine was in dry dock in Pearl Harbor, which gave Meyers the opportunity to walk underneath Growler and see the submarine from a different perspective. He then discussed life aboard Growler, covering topics such as food storage, berthing, and laundry. Also, having been a machinist’s mate, and having served as both an oiler and a qualified engineman, Meyers was able to provide detailed accounts of engine maintenance, as well as background on the engine’s design. Throughout the interview he covered a variety of other topics as well, including: snorkeling, making fresh water, and taking the boat on a shakedown to test for leaks. Meyers also explained the process of qualifying and provided two stories that illustrated the difference between sailors who earned their dolphins and those who did not. Lighter memories involving stops in Midway and Adak, and different events on board Growler, were also provided. Meyers eventually said that he made 3 patrols on Growler and 1 on Barbero before leaving the Navy and working for 47 years as a real estate broker. He ended the interview by stating that he felt privileged that after 51 years he could still set foot on the boat where he qualified and how wonderful it is that Growler is a museum.