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  • August 17, 2013 (Creation)


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    Joseph Barry began his interview by recalling the early years of his life. He then discussed how he learned about the attack on Pearl Harbor and his decision to join the Navy. Barry next recounted becoming a radioman, seeing Intrepid for the first time, and working in the radio shack. He described the radio shack, stated the number of men that worked in that space, and explained the job they performed. Barry also noted that the radio gang would occasionally work on the bridge. He even provided an entertaining story involving Captain Sprague. Barry then continued, providing details about his berthing compartment, chow, how the crew spent their limited downtime, and the crossing the line ceremony. Barry next discussed the attacks that Intrepid experienced, including the torpedo attack at Truk and the kamikaze attacks, specifically the November kamikaze attack. He also stressed the importance of everyone working together for a common purpose. Barry then spoke about the friends he made and provided some stories from his time on liberty in San Francisco when Intrepid returned home for repairs. After speaking about liberty, Barry discussed receiving the message that declared the war was over, holding onto that message, and donating that message to the museum. He also spoke about returning home, working at, and eventually purchasing, his uncle’s appliance repair shop, and how proud he is of his family. Joseph Barry ended his interview by stating that he hopes people learn about the war when they visit the Intrepid Museum today because the events of World War II should be remembered.