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Bach, Sverre O. Edit


Agent Type


  • January 3, 1923 (Existence)

Name Forms

  • Bach, Sverre O.


  • Biography/Historical Note

    Sverre Bach was born in a small town in eastern North Dakota. He served on Intrepid in 1944 as an F6F pilot in VF- 6 before volunteering to go to VBF-17 aboard Hornet. Bach was aboard Intrepid when the ship was struck by a torpedo at Truk, and he flew numerous missions during the war. After the war ended he continued his career in the Navy, serving a total of 32 years and rising to the rank of captain. Some of the positions he held were: flight instructor in Pensacola, Assistant CIC Officer aboard USS Valley Forge, squadron commander of VA-106, and Air Boss on USS Independence. Bach then served in BUPERS and the National War College, before commanding the USS Denebola, working at the Joint Staff, and commanding the USS Guadalcanal. He returned to the National War College for three more years before retiring in 1974.

    July 3, 1942

    Start Date of Military Service

    January 1944

    Start Date of Service Aboard Intrepid

    February 1944

    End Date of Service Aboard Intrepid

    June 30, 1974

    End Date of Military Service

  • Race/Ethnicity

    Caucasian (Nordic)